Kwaliteitsbewaking Klinische Geneesmiddelanalyse en Toxicologie
Welcome to the section for Quality Assessment in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clininal Toxicology
The KKGT is a dutch organization which stands for Association for Quality Assessment in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology and is a section of the foundation for Quality Assessment in Medical Laboratories (SKML, Our objective is to stimulate the quality of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Clinical Toxicology and the analysis of other exogenous substances by medical laboratories. This includes determination of drugs in blood and urine, for some programs together with pharmacokinetic calculations and interpretation and a treatment advice to the physician.

The KKGT attempts to achieve this aim by the production and distribution of samples spiked with a known concentration of drug(s) that are analyzed and reported by the participating laboratories. The results are statistically evaluated and reported to the participating laboratories. The KKGT also provides control materials with known concentrations which can be used to evaluate your own controls.

Concentrations tests






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