Kwaliteitsbewaking Klinische Geneesmiddelanalyse en Toxicologie

About KKGT.


Prof. dr. D.J. Touw


Expert Antibiotic-, Analgesic-, and Various Drugs and Toxicology.

dr. D.M. Kweekel


dr. M.M. Malingré


Representing the Commission Analysis and Toxicology of the Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists (NVZA) and expert Benzodiazepines and Psychotherapeutic Drugs.

dr. R.E. Aarnoutse

Expert Antituberculosis-, Antiretroviral and Cardiac drugs.

dr. M. van Luin

Expert Anti-epileptic-, Antiretroviral- and Antiviral Drugs.

dr. J. van der Weide

Representing the Dutch Society for Clinical Chemistry (NVKC) and expert pharmacogenetics.

dr. E.M. van Maarseveen

Expert Antibiotic Drugs. 

Advisors / experts

dr. J.W.C. Alffenaar

Expert Antifungal- and Antituberculosis drugs.

drs. P.G.M. Zweipfenning

Expert Alcohols/GHB and Drugs of Abuse.

dr. R.J.M. Brüggemann

Expert Antifungal drugs.

Office KKGT

Mevr. A.R. Harteveld-Pauw

Mevr. L.A. Wisselo-de Zeeuw

Mevr. P.D. Koster-Krello

drs. P.G.M. Zweipfenning

Coördinator KKGT


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